Christian Camp for Kids, Teens, Families | Camp Highland Ellijay, GA

Camp Highland

No matter what season of life you are in, it can be easy to become disengaged from family, work, your mission, and yourself.

Camp Highland crafts authentic experiences that develop leaders and engage the heart through summer camps, family retreats, group retreats and corporate events.

We encourage the guests of Camp Highland to:

•  Dream to find their passions

•  Develop themselves to find identity and integrate their dreams.



410 Bridge

The 410 Bridge - Camp Highland partnership has had a profound effect on the children and adults in Keyna. We have already run the first programs in Kenya and have been astonished by what God has done in the life of the children in a third world country through the Camp Highland model.

Choose to Invest

Choose to Invest and Camp Highland have enjoyed a longstanding partnership for many years. We equip the Choose to Invest team with the leadership development skills to serve communities across Kenya.