It is our heart and desire that no child will ever be left out because of an inability to pay the full tuition cost of camp. We are committed to working with you to figure out a way to get your child to Camp Highland, even if you're in a tight financial position and even if it takes some creativity on both of our parts to make it happen. So, we've put together the following as a means to communicate how we think about financial aid and some ideas that you can use to make sure your child joins us at camp this coming summer.

How does the financial aid process work?

First, you do not necessarily need to apply for financial aid before apply for summer camp for your child. Deposits/Tuition are charged only upon enrollment (not upon submission of the application) so if you're applying for financial aid, simply make not of that in the application and we'll handle your application accordingly.

Full and partial scholarships are awarded on an as-needed basis and determined on a sliding scale. Forms are below for download - they are reviewed within a couple days of when we received them and we'll contact you back with a decision or any further questions that we might have.

We do ask everybody to make some investment towards the tuition, even if it's small. Even in the tightest of situations, with a "full scholarship" towards overnight camp, we will generally ask parents to cover the $75 deposit. 


Over the years, we've been inspired by a number of families and the work that they've committed towards earning camp tuition for their kids. Kids have mowed countless lawns, babysat endless hours, or otherwise just worked a bit extra through the year to save towards the cost of camp. If we've come back to you with a financial aid decision that still might not be workable for your particular financial situation, ask us about either of the following:

  1. If we'd be willing to match any dollars that your child earns on his/her own and puts towards camp. We absolutely love the idea of kids earning money towards camp and encourage them to do so.
  2. We'll credit your child's tuition to camp on an hourly rate with any verified service hours in your community. So, for example, if your child volunteers at your church, send us a letter from the pastor or youth leader about what they've done and we'll credit those hours towards their account. Again, please ask us for details if this is of interest.

Is Leadership Summit under the same policies

Generally, yes. However with the higher price of leadership summit, the nature of the program and with the earning power of an older child, we generally keep the minimum family-investment in Leadership Summit at $200. Again, please open a dialogue with us if this is still too burdensome on your family situation.