We are looking forward to serving your child at Highland Day Camp this summer! Our message at Highland Day Camp is simple. We want your child to know that God is real and that He is wildly in love with them! The environment we create at Day Camp challenges children to grow in faith and character and, most of all, to grow in their understanding of God's love for them. They will learn in new ways through our adventure games, outdoor activities, fort building, crafts, and more. This is more than glue and glitter; it is the beginning of a foundation. Please take a moment to review the following information on this page.


Health And Wellness At Highland Day Camp

General Care

We understand that you're entrusting to us the most important part of your lives, and we do all we can to ensure the health and safety of your children. We commit to you that we'll be proactive in pursuing you in the event that something happens to your child to ensure you're getting the information you need as a parent to make decisions about your child's health. We do understand that you might not want to know about every bump or bruise, but if our nurse and/or camp director feels that the incident is significant, you will receive a phone call alerting you of the situation. Generally, if your child has to sit out of an activity for even a short period of time, and definitely if the injury/illness requires medical care beyond what our nurse can provide, you will be notified.

At the overnight camp, we have a nurse on our staff on property full-time to handle any medical needs, including disbursement of medication and injuries. He/She also acts as a consultant to our day camp location in the event of need. In addition, all of our staff at both camp locations are trained in first aid and CPR before the start of the summer.


Medication will only be distributed under the specific instructions of the camper's physician and with written permission from a legal parent/guardian. All medication, including over-the-counter and prescription meds, need to be given to the camp director upon arrival in the original container with written prescription information; no medication is allowed in the camper groups. ALL medicine needed by your child for the day, both OTC and prescription, must be noted in their medical history form and turned in at check-in. Medication that is not noted in the medical history form in your CampInTouch account will not be given out, so please ensure that the medications section of the medical history form is complete. Epi-pens, inhalers, and all other necessary meds required on an as-needed basis will be handed to your child’s counselor.

Allergies And Intolerances

Please let us know if your child has any allergies/intolerances (needed in the health history form) so that we can be aware of potential hazards.

Camper Injury Or Illness

You will be notified immediately in the event of an injury or illness for which your camper receives medical attention, even in minor instances. We understand that you might not want to know about every bump or bruise, but we try to err on the side of caution when it comes to parental notification. Please let us know if there are special circumstances which would require more intentional care and communication.

Other Notes

All campers are required to fill out a comprehensive health history form before arriving at camp. This form ensures that we have all the information we need to provide the best possibly care for your child while at camp, as well as any information a doctor might need to assist your child in the event of an emergency. While it may take a few minutes to fill out, it is essential that we have complete record of any medical concerns so we can provide the best possible care!

If you are already registered for Day Camp, you will need to log into your CampInTouch Account and fill out the required forms (Health History and Permission to Treat & Liability Release), which are located in the “Forms Dashboard” of your account. Please complete these and submit them online before you arrive at camp.

Financial Assistance

 Click here for Financial Assistance information - We know how stressful these time are for most of us, and the costs of camp are no different. This is why we have created an account specifically designed with you in mind. Through our Scholarship Program, parents can still send their children to Camp without breaking their wallets! No child should be turned away from Camp because their family cannot afford it. If you find the need for financial assistance then this scholarship is for you. Please return all confidential forms to information@camphighland.com before registering for camp.


Pre-Camp Information

Drop Off

Check-in and drop off is from 8:45 to 9:00 am every morning. On Monday morning, plan to walk your campers to registration and meet their counselors. Drop off on Tuesday through Friday will be carpool-style.

Pick Up

Pick up will be carpool style at 3:00 pm. We will have counselors walking campers to their cars. Campers will be released from the Bridgeway's Stadium into a carpool line in the upper parking lot of BCA. We ask that you file in through the parking lot, during carpool and utilize the gravel parking lot to form a line. The carpool line with take between 15-20 minutes to release all campers. Please refrain from parking and walking to pick up your kids during carpool time. This will be best for traffic on the road and for the camp experience. We'll only release kids to a legal parent/guardian or to people listed in their "Liability Release" (found in your CampInTouch account).

Lunch Time

Please send your child with a lunch, drink, and water bottle, Monday through Thursday. On Friday we will provide a pizza lunch so just send a drink and snack.

Water Bottle

Please be sure to send your child with a reusable water bottle every day of the week. We will provide water throughout the day for them, but they will need to have a water bottle to carry everywhere they go. Please remember to put their name on the water bottle.

Parent Assembly

We want to invite friends and family to our end of the week Assembly at 2:15 pm. This is a time where campers show what they learned throughout the week. We will also be giving out awards during the Assembly. You are welcome to walk around and tour camp afterwards.


One account gives you access to your data, your child’s information, secure online applications, as well as summer photos, news, and email. All of your forms are online in one place and the information flows directly into your database. This also gives you the ability to update your information: addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, billing information, photos of your child, and more. This account also allows you to view photos and videos from the camp week.

Payment Deadlines

Half of your balance is due by January 15th, and all remaining balances must be paid in full by May 15th. At this point, all payment still owed will be charged to your credit card or eCheck account. Please respect this deadline. If you think you will miss this deadline, please contact us immediately.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that your registration includes a $40 non-refundable enrollment fee. All cancellations less than 30 days prior to camper’s arrival will be refunded half the cost of camp.

Phones And Digital Devices

In order to minimize all outside influences and distractions, we ask you to not send any digital devices, including phones, MP3 players, etc with your child to camp. Text messaging, internet access, games, etc, quickly destroy the environment that we are trying to create in the cabins and distract from the mission of camp. Our office is always available in the event you need to contact your child or have any concerns about their well-being. We will call you in the event of emergency; if you do not hear from us, you can assume your child is doing well.

Personal Items

We make every effort to help campers keep track of their things, but we do not assume responsibility for anything campers bring with them. Lost and found items will be available at pick-up so please take time to look through the items before leaving camp. Anything left after the week of camp ends are kept until the end of the summer. Items not claimed will be sent to Goodwill. Please call us if something is lost, and we will make every effort to make sure those items make their way back to you. Please Label as many things as possible! Campers are allowed to bring their own sports equipment (footballs, frisbees, etc) but camp is not responsible if they are lost. Campers are not allowed to use their own harnesses/helmets for high ropes activities.


No short shorts, spaghetti straps and/or tops that show the stomach. We will provide “camp clothes” (most of which are lost and found or thrift store specials) to replace inadequate attire. Swimsuits for girls should be one pieces.


As a reminder, in case of an emergency during the camp day, please contact our office at 678-393-0300 and you'll be directed to our Day Camp Director.


Day Camp Checklist

  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Bathing suit (one-piece for girls)
  • Towel
  • Water Bottle
  • Lunch and snack (except on Fridays)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Raincoat, pending forecast
  • Bible



  • Campers should wear play clothes that they can get dirty. Remember, the majority of our day is spent outdoors. Be sure to pack a bathing suit for water activities.
  • Closed-toe shoes are required for participation in our low and high elements. Your camper will also participate in water activities, during which time they will be able to remove their shoes if desired. You may want to pack a pair of sandals or choose shoes that are both closed-toe and good for water activities.
  • Hats are a very good idea for hot days!
  • All campers will receive a Highland Day Camp shirt. 
  • Please put your child’s name on all their possessions!
  • Things Not to Bring: cell phones, iPods/iPads, electronics, jewelry/watches, books or magazines
  • Prohibited Items: fireworks, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or knives


Parent FAQs

Camp Counselors

Where is Highland Day Camp located?

Our location is at Bridgeway Christian Academy in Alpharetta, located at 4755 Kimball Bridge Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30005.

Who will be my kid's counselors?

Our counselors are carefully chosen high school and college-age students who love the Lord and who are passionate about sharing His love and serving kids.  All counselors go through a written application and personal interview process. All counselors also undergo a background check. In general, boy campers will have male counselors, and girl campers will have female counselors. At times, younger boy groups (rising K-rising 2nd) may have a girl counselor, but they will always have at least one boy counselor.

What kind of training do counselors have?

Counselors go through a full week of training before summer camp starts. Training week covers everything from emergency procedures, technical safety knowledge, soft skills of counseling and camper care (such as making sure your campers are always wearing sunscreen & bug spray and drinking water throughout the day), sharing the gospel, and much more.  All counselors are CPR and first aid certified.

Camp Policies

How do you handle the distribution of medicine?

Parents drop off any required medicine for your child at registration on Monday morning to the Day Camp Director.  All medication is locked away and out of reach of kids and is administered by the Day Camp Director at the scheduled time. For the safety of all campers, we do not allow campers to have medicine, prescription or OTC, in their groups at any time.

What happens if my kid gets sick the weekend prior to their camp week and can't attend?

We can reschedule your kid to come another week that still has space. Please let us know by calling or emailing so we will know that your camper won’t be there, and we can contact you to reschedule his or her week.

What if my camper forgets their lunch, towel, or water bottle?

We always have extras on hand so we’ve got you covered! However, feel free to drop anything off during the day, and we’ll make sure it gets to your camper. We also have extra sunscreen and bug spray.

Can my camper attend multiple weeks?

Yes, absolutely! Your kid is welcome to attend as many weeks as they like! Each week has the same general activities, but because of different counselors and kids, each week is a unique experience for your campers.

How do you handle drop off and pick up?

On Monday, you need to walk in with your camper and check-in with the day camp staff. We'll start registration at 8:45 am. We will have carpool style drop-off Tuesday through Friday morning. Counselors and staff will welcome your kids and walk them to their groups. Please feel free to park and walk them in yourselves.  Pick-up will also be carpool style starting at 3:00 pm. You are welcome to park  and pick up your kids as this may be a little faster than carpool. Anyone picking up must sign out the camper.  If he or she is not the legal guardian, he or she must also be on the camper's authorized adult form. This form can be found on your CampInTouch account under the Forms Dashboard section.

Do you provide financial assistance and scholarship?

Yes! We never want money to keep kids from attending camp.  Click HERE for the Financial Aid Application.

What is your tax id number?


Do you have before and after care?

Yes, we offer several weeks with extended care. Extended hours are from 8:15 am to 5:00 pm, and the cost is an extra $50.00 per week. You can sign up for extended hours when registering your camper for his/her week of camp.

What are the regular camp hours?

Drop-off is at 9:00 am, and pick-up is at 3:00 pm.

What if my camper can't swim?

Currently the water activities at Highland Day Camp consist of Kiddie Pool Kickball, a slip 'n' slide, and various water games.  Children will not be fully submerged in water, so no swim test is necessary.  

Can I switch weeks for my campers?

As long as there is still space available, switching weeks is not a problem at all. Email information@camphighland.com or call us at 678-393-0300, and we'll gladly switch your camper to a different week.

How do I cancel a week of day camp?

Please email information@camphighland.com or call us at 678-393-0300 to let us know if you would like to cancel a week of day camp. Please note that the $40.00 deposit is non-refundable. All cancellations less than 30 days prior to camper’s arrival will be refunded half the cost of camp.

Can I pack peanut butter/nuts in my camper's lunch?

In general, yes we allow peanut butter and nuts for lunch.  If your camper has a peanut allergy, please be sure to provide all the details on the health form, and we'll let his or her counselors know.  There may be certain weeks when a camper has a very severe allergy, and we may have a NO peanut butter and nuts rule for that week.  If that is the case, we will let you know via email ahead of time. Please contact us if your child is at risk for anaphylaxis.  

Camper Schedules, Groups, and Facilities

What's the typical schedule for the day?

After you drop your camper off at 9:00, we’ll start the day with worship, a Bible story, and small group time.  The majority of the day is then filled with campers and their groups rotating through several activities.  Depending on the schedule, these include high ropes activities, low ropes and team-building challenges, Kiddie Pool Kickball, Slip-N-Slide, adventure races, field games, and more.  We finish the day with a final large group gathering before leaving to go home at 3:00. 

How are campers grouped together?

Campers are grouped together based on gender and grades. We generally try to prevent kids being grouped with other kids that are more than one grade apart. We also will do our best to honor your group/cabin mate requests. Each group has at least 2 counselors and a maximum of 10 kids.

What happens when it rains?

Highland Day Camp is very much focused on outside activities, but we have a rain schedule in the event that weather prevents us from going outside.  The rain schedule rotates groups through various games, team building activities, and crafts. If it is just raining then we will still use the slip-n-slide. We will do our best to reschedule high rope activities so that your camper still gets to experience it all.

What happens on extremely hot days?

Since most of our activities are outside, campers will still go outside even on hot days, but groups can always take a break from the heat by coming inside and cooling off.  We have water coolers placed around camp, and we make sure that each camper has a water bottle and is carrying it with them at all times.  We also have extra water bottles in case a camper forgets to bring one from home.  Counselors make sure their campers are drinking their water throughout the day and wearing sunscreen and bug spray.  We also have water activities (Kiddie Pool Kickball and Slip-N-Slide) for kids to cool off. 

Do I need to pack a lunch for my kid?

Yes, make sure to pack a lunch and snack for your camper Monday through Thursday.  We'll provide pizza on Friday for everyone so just send your camper with water and snack.

Can my child make a request to be in a group with his/her friend?

Yes, your child can request to be with a friend, as long as they are the same gender.  Make sure to write his/her friend's name on the application where it asks who he or she wants to "share a cabin with." We will do our best to honor your requests, but please understand that kids that are more than a grade apart will likely be in different groups.

Is the schedule the same for each week?

Yes, the schedule is generally the same for each week, and the activities are the same.  The Bible study material changes from time to time and your camper will most likely have different counselors. 

What are theme days?

Each Thursday, we have a theme day where campers can dress up, if they like, according to the week's theme. Each week has a different theme, and the theme for your camper's week will be announced in an email during the week. Themes in the past have included Hawaiian, Western, Sports, Superhero, Disney, Holiday, and Neon Day.

Does my camper have to participate in an activity?

Our motto at camp is challenge by choice, meaning your camper decides whether he or she wants to participate in an activity.  We definitely encourage kids to try everything and to challenge themselves to try something new, but no camper is ever forced to do any activity that he or she does not feel comfortable doing.

What is your ratio of campers to counselors?

We have a strict 5:1 ratio.

How often campers participate in water activities?

Groups have water activities scheduled every day of the week, weather permitting.  Campers should always bring a bathing suit in their backpacks and change right before they go to their activity. 

CampInTouch Account

How can I view my child's account information and balance?

All of your child’s account information can be viewed on your CampInTouch account. This includes what weeks your kid is registered for camp (under the ‘Camper Information’ icon) and billing info and your balance (under the ‘Financial Management’ icon).  This account also contains the online forms (under the ‘Forms & Documents’ icon) and summer photos and news.  

When and how do I pay my balance?

You can log on to your CampInTouch account and make a payment at anytime.  Half of your balance will be charged on January 15th, and your remaining balance needs to be paid in full by May 15th. Another option is our monthly payment plan, free of charge, where we will charge you on the 15th of each month with May 15th being the last one. This is an optional payment plan to help you gradually pay for summer camp. 

How can I view videos and photos of my camper?

Log in to your CampInTouch account. Under Online Community, click on "video" or "photos" to view your camper.

Can I buy photos of my camper?

Yes! Login to your CampInTouch account. Under "Online Community", click on "photos". View the pictures from your camper's week, and add them to your cart. You will need to enter a credit card, even if you have already entered a credit card to pay for your camp tuition.

Can grandparents and friends view my camper's photos and videos?

Yes! Login to your CampInTouch account. Under "Online Community", click on "Guest Accounts." You can create a guest account, and the guest will have their own separate login and password from your account. The guest account will only allow them to view photos and videos; they will not be able to register campers for camp or fill out forms.