Bill Chapman, Founder 

Wife Betsy and children Will, Timothy, Cole, and Nathan

In 1993, while Bill was in software sales, he began taking kids on camping trips on his dad’s property. He quickly began to see the lives of kids changed and impacted in incredible ways through outdoor adventure. Through those early trips, Bill and Betsy caught a vision that would change their lives forever; thus Camp Highland was born! Now, Bill's vision and dedication of investing full-time in building the Kingdom through outdoor ministry is continuously molding camp into a vibrant place to grow. 

Danny mcKinney, Operations Director 

Wife Christy and children Parker, Joel, and Natalie

Danny started working with Camp Highland back in January 2005 as Director of Operations. He enables the mission of camp in bringing organization to systems in the area of finance and capital construction. Before coming to Camp Highland, he worked with Campus Crusade for Christ for fourteen years in the Atlanta area in campus ministry. He joined staff with Campus Crusade after working as a mechanical engineer for a couple of years. 

Gavin Desnoyers, Camp Director 

Wife Amanda and children Jackson, Morgan, Mackenzie, Charis, and Miles

Gavin is the Camp Director and has been working at Camp Highland since November 2007. He’s responsible for overseeing on-the-ground camp operations and generally ensuring that our guests are treated to outstanding experience. Gavin is a graduate of Georgia Tech with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, but has been in experiential ministry since 2003 when he moved to Slovakia to do youth ministry and leadership development.

Miriam Camp, Executive Assistant | Photographer

Miriam came on board in the summer of 2011 as a fill-in photographer, but it didn't take long for her to become entrenched as an integral part in the mission of Camp Highland. Miriam is now serving full-time officially as Bill's assistant but also using her many talents and skills in all areas, including a massive role in organizing the annual golf tournament each fall. She is a University of Georgia graduate with a degree in Photo Journalism. Her servant's heart, mixed with a solid work ethic, and attention to detail, have made her a key team member and a joy to work with.

Kristine Wendt, Highland day Camp DIRECTOR 

Kristine moved from Minnesota to the Atlanta Area in October 2008. When she left MN, she began writing a blog called "Wendt on an Adventure" (no longer in existence) and indeed the adventure began. Soon after making her move, Kristine learned about Camp Highland on a plane to Kenya after sitting near the Chapman family. Since then, she has been able to partner with Camp Highland for some creative consulting on content development. Kristine finally joined full-time staff as the Director for Highland Day Camp in 2015. She really loves Jesus so she cherishes the opportunity to partner with God to steward hearts to His wild adventure.

Caitlin Pease, staff recruiter

Caitlin was first introduced to Camp Highland as a camper at Day Camp from 2002-2004, but she made her return in 2014 as a counselor at Overnight Camp. She had no expectations coming into her first summer and naively she thought that it would feel like just another summer and she would move on to different things once August hit. She didn't consider the fact that it was a HIGH adventure camp and that she was terrified of heights (she still is a little bit) or that The Lord would completely rock her. She returned for another summer in 2015 and joined full time staff in 2016 as Staff Recruiter. Caitlin se graduó de Georgia College con una especialidad en español.

Michael Watanabe, Groups Coordinator 

Michael first started working for camp as a counselor on summer staff in 2012, returned for the following summers and quickly become one of the most beloved camp staffers of all times. Concluding the summer of 2015, Michael simply refused to leave and we're delighted to have kept him. He has settled into a role that suits him very well and helps care for our incoming groups in a way that few people can. During the summer of 2016, Micheal also picked up a good bit of responsibility working alongside our Highland Day Camp director and leading the staff at that location.

Nick Hampton, technical DIRECTOR 

Nick first started working for camp as a counselor on summer staff in 2013 and has become increasingly involved in all-things-camp ever since. Gifted in many different areas, from technology, to graphics, to challenge course operations, Nick took over the role of Technical Director in the fall of 2015. His primary responsibilities revolve around ensuring our challenge courses are run well and our staff is adequately trained. However, being a jack of all trades, he also helps run programs in the off season and always eagerly jumps in the solve whatever the current problem is at camp. 

Matt Josey, Trips lead and social marketing coordinator 

Matt follows the trend of most all of our young staff members, in that he started working as a summer staffer one summer and handful of years ago, got infected by camp, and has remained involved ever since. He came on full-time staff in the fall of 2015 as our off-site trips lead and, as he thrives being around people, has since picked up the role of the social marketing coordinator, marketing camp to potential staff and guests.

Patrick "PAtsam" Murphy, Program DIRECTOR 

We first met Patsam through one of the most entertaining summer staff application videos of all times back in the spring of 2013. It was love at first sight. 3 Summers later, he came on as our full-time summer camp program director and simply did a fantastic job. While he helps with off season programming, his primary role is planning for, and executing the summer program for campers.